Frater Ashen Chassan Appears on Glitch Bottle Podcast

Frater Ashen Chassan has been interview about his current work and newest title, “Gateways Through Light and Shadow” with Alexander Eth on the GLITCH BOTTLE podcast.

The YouTube page notes: Frater Ashen Chassan is an author, practicing occultist, and Hermetic Magician. He joins the podcast to share about his new book, “Gateways Through Light and Shadow”, and discusses the importance of sincerity in magical workings, talisman making, what “grimoire hopping” is all about, and how to talk with your significant other about magic.

‘Gateways Through Light and Shadow’ –…
Frater Chassan’s Upcoming UK Workshop –…
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Frater Chassan’s Blog –

The good Frater was recently interview on the Thelema, NOW! podcast as well.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi


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