Fourth Way Practitioner Posts Tribute to Metallica

Here’s another episode of Toyah & Robert’s Sunday Lunch video series. As some of you might know, veteran avant-guitarist Robert Fripp is a long time devotee of the teachings of Russian mystic, George Gurdjieff via his disciple John G. Bennett. Gurdjieff was a contemporary of Aleister Crowley’s and there are some apocryphal tails of the two meeting in person.  A number of Fripp’s releases in the 80’s included snippets of recorded lectures by Bennett. In turn, Living Thelema host David Shoemaker is a devotee of Fripp’s whose participated in several of his Guitar Craft courses.

In this episode, T&R perform “Enter Sandman” a song by Metallica, who put much time and effort into appealing the case of the West Memphis Three, Arkansas teenagers who were accused and jailed for the “ritualistic” murder of small children at the height of the last Satanic Panic (a nationwise underground conspiracy to kidnap and sacrafice children which you’ll recall, the FBI investigated and said didn’t really exist).


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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