Fortean Times Looks Into Occultist’s Impact on Horror Classic, Nosferatu

The latest issue of the Fortean Times includes a piece by Brian Robb, “The Vampire and the Occultist,” detailing how Albin Grau aka “Frater Pacitus” of the Collegium Pansophicum and then Fraternitas Saturni inserted encoded occult messages and working magical symbols into the visual content of Nosferatu , Fritz Murnau’s silent horror film classic; the film – who’s title auf Deutsch is ” Eine Symphonie Des Grauens” – was released in 1922 around the time Grau became a member of the Collegium. The article includes mentions of Karl Germer, Aleister Crowley and the Pansophical Lodge. (details on the relationship of Crowley, Germer, Grau and the Pansophical Lodge available at in the section titled “O.T.O. Under Crowley”)

According to Wikipedia : “Grau was able to imbue Nosferatu with hermetic and mystical undertones. One example in particular was the cryptic contract that Count Orlok and Knock exchanged, which was filled inEnochian, hermetic and alchemical symbols.” Read the Wiki piece here:

You can DL a preview of the issue here:

And you can view the original film here:

Thanks to Soror Hypatia for the tip!


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