Former Process Church Member Publishing New Book

Longtime member of the Process Church of the Final Judgement (now a past member) Timothy Wyllie recently announced the publication of his latest book:
“I’m excited to let you know that The Helianx Proposition is now available in a handsome cloth edition. It is, of all my books, the one I’m most proud of as I was able to illustrate it, create an original font for the text, and have a hand in the overall design of the book. I consider it the most original and creative of my books, and though the text is couched in the form of a myth, it reveals truths and insights relevant to contemporary life.
“A number of my books have been published since the first, Dolphins ETs & Angels in 1984. Throughout this time though, I’d been working on The Helianx Proposition quietly behind the scenes ever since receiving it in one unbroken stream of writing in 1979 as though my pen had a mind of its own. So striking it was that I decided to illustrate each page, and because I received the text in an entheogenic session, I decided to create every image on each page under similar conditions to maintain the integrity of the original vision.
“Having completed the work of illustrating the pages by the late-1990s, and learning in the process so much more about the Helianx, I realized that a commentary on the text would make a valuable addition to the original story. So, it has taken me over thirty years to get The Helianx Proposition ready for publication. The whole process was shaped by significant synchronicities, suggesting it was a book that needed to get out there.
“It’s full of invaluable information, opening up a new way of viewing the origins of the human races within the larger context of an inhabited Mutltiverse. Having been led to believe we’re alone on this planet, isolated in a bleak and hostile universe, devoid of intelligent life, The Helianx Proposition suggests a different situation. It is one to which we are slowly awakening as a species: that we are all citizens of a vast and inhabited Multiverse, and the extraterrestrial presence, far from being unknown, is deeply embedded, even in our human genetics.
Daynal Institute Press has produced the book in a manner to be kept and treasured and passed down through the generations. It will continue to have particular appeal to those who find themselves out of kilter with what “normal life” expects of them, to society’s rebels and outsiders, and to all those who know there’s more going on in our lives than meets the eye. I hope it will resonate with you as much as it did with me when I received it as one fascinating and coherent download back in 1979.”
Mr. Wyllie was interviewed about his experiences in the Process Church on Thelema, NOW! several years ago. You can hear the episodes here:
His website hosts a video presentation on the new book:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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