First San Francisco Psychedelic Sangha Meet Up March 9

Saturday, March 9, occult author Erik Davis will be leading the first San Francisco Psychedelic Sangha meet-up. This will take place at 7:30 pm at the SF Dharma Collective, on 2701 Folsom Street. Their site says:

“Are you a psychonaut looking for a complementary meditation practice? A way to integrate and navigate psychedelic experience through the contemplative and philosophical tools of Buddhism?

“Or maybe you’re a Buddhist who is curious but cautious about “entheogens” and their potential for healing and illumination. Or perhaps you are a seasoned practitioner who found the dharma through the “paisley gate” and never entirely closed the gate behind you.

“The Psychedelic Sangha is a spiritual collective of Buddhist psychonauts who share a commitment to the dharma and a belief in the value of psychedelic substances. Our public mission is to facilitate the encounter of psychedelics and the dharma in a spirit of critical dialogue, community-building, and navigational group practice. We organize and host meet-up Gatherings, immersive Happenings, public talks, group retreats, music performances, film screenings, and more. We are not allied with any particular tradition or school.

“This Psychedelic Sangha Gathering will open up a safe and supportive spiritual community space with a commitment to discrimination, practice, and play. We offer a refuge for misfit Buddhists and psychonauts who value both dharma practice and psychedelic exploration, but are willing to interrogate them both along the path towards greater insight and engaged action.”

For more information:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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