First Keynote Speakers Announced for 2nd Trans-States Conference

The organizers of the Trans-States conference have announced the first confirmed keynote speakers for the second installment of the conference, “Trans- States: The art of revelation.” The conference will be held at University of Northampton, in the U.K. September 13 & 14th,  2019. The conference site says:


“We are pleased to announce that we already have three extremely exciting keynote speakers confirmed:

“Wouter Hanegraaff – Professor of History of Hermetic Philosophy and Related Currents at the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Jeffrey Kripal – Professor Kripal holds the J. Newton Rayzor Chair in Philosophy and Religious Thought at Rice University, Houston, Texas.
Daisy Eris Campbell – Writer, actor and director. Campbell recently adapted Robert Anton Wilson’s cult autobiographical book Cosmic Trigger for the stage

“trans- prefix meaning: across, beyond, through, on the other side of, to go beyond

“state: a ​condition or way of being that ​exists at a ​particular ​time

“An unabashed play on words, a ‘trans- state’ is, among other things, a coincidentia oppositorum. An alchemical wedding that defines the fixed place, where boundaries are actively transgressed. In many ways, this point of intersection—this crossroads—is where the role of the magician, mystic and artist collide. Where each can play a role in revealing the neoteric and the numinous, while making ruinous the antiquated and the corrupt. Revelation and revolution are often intimately linked; the sudden and violent unveiling of the truly novel, utterly alien, and ineffably Other, brings with it the upheaval of our very foundations—that of the individual, and of the societies we build. The art of revelation, is the art of cataclysm and catharsis.

“The first Trans- States conference, The Art of Crossing Over, themed itself upon the Major Arcana card, The Hanged Man, and focused solely on boundary crossing, liminality and the queering of normativity. This upcoming Trans- States conference, The Art of Revelation, themes itself upon The Tower. As such, it seeks to broaden its scope to include the shock and awe of revelatory and paradigm-shifting occultural experiences; the impact and implications of anti-structure, of alterations in consciousness and of the revolutionary aspects of paranormality.

“This is a transdisciplinary conference that will explore the complex interrelationships between contemporary occulture, revelation, non-ordinary states of consciousness, power, structure, textuality and deconstruction.

“Keep up to date with the conference via our FB page and twitter account.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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