Financial Sorcery for Different Economic Circumstances

Renowned occult author and professional sorcerer Jason Miller just posted some advice on the proper aims and magical work appropriate for people in various financial situations and with varying goals. Part of his post breaks down the different financial situations people tend to find themselves in, then addresses what appropriate goals might be for each and goes on from there:

“Because financial advice is different for people at different stages, I took a poll of Strategic Sorcery students last month about where they were financially along four main stages.

“73 Students were at the Fix A Broken Mess Stage– This involves getting out of debt, establishing a living income, and not having major economic crisis. This stage is commonly called getting your shit together.

“55 were Getting Comfy – This is about obtaining preferable living situation, income that allows savings beyond expenses, etc. Basically a general sense of satisfaction with the economic present.

“99 reported that they were Establishing Freedom  – Having savings to cope with economic crisis, realistic plan for stopping wage work, college fund for children if you have them, Basically a general plan for economic future.

“Finally 19  claimed to be Building Legacy. This is about extending your wealth beyond your nuclear family. Substantial inheritance to leave behind, serious philanthropy, empire building, etc. Basically making a change in the world beyond the norm.”

Read the whole post here:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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