Filmed interview with Gerald Yorke’s Son, John, Amidst His Crowleyana

We just came across this 8 minute long interview of Gerald Yorke’s son John Yorke by Julian Doyle who’d directed the horror/science fiction film Chemical Wedding. The film’s basic premise was that a timid university professor could be programmed with all Aleister Crowley’s occult knowledge and be, effectively, possessed by Crowley…and then get up to all sorts of colorful and, occasionally, horrific mischief; the screenplay was written by Doyle with Bruce Dickinson, lead singer of the band Iron Maiden. This interview was conducted at Forthampton Court which houses some choice Crowleyana including his magick wand, some paintings, a sketch of him on his death bed etc.  While some of the graphics inserted seem a little gratuitous as does the footage from Chemical Wedding…and Yorke is clearly not an adherent of Thelema…the interview is full of interesting tidbits and markedly NOT sensationalistic



Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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