Film As Talisman

Can a film be consciously fashioned as a talisman? I dunno, ask Kenny Anglemyer, or mebbe Harry Everett Smith? Methinks it’s down to intent — as well as knowledge and skill. And where would one find such cine-amulets? Well, of course the work of the aforementioned is rife with them but the New York Times recently pointed out another one, Space Is The Place, fashioned by the famed Jazz man Sun Run. Check it out:

“The crux of Sun Ra’s philosophy emerges in a scene in which he and his emissaries, dressed in garb that evokes both sci-fi and ancient Egypt, confront a group of skeptical teenagers in an Oakland youth center. ‘I do not come to you as a reality, but as a myth, he says. ‘Because that’s what black people are. Myths. I am a dream that the black man dreams long ago. I’m actually a present sent ‘to you by your ancestors.’”

I don’t know that you can be more blatant. Read the whole piece.

And view the film (NY Times link is defunct incidentally):

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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