Female Erotic Art

Thelema is known as a sex-positive community so I figger that y’all would be interested in The New York Times’ recent review of two exhibitions by female artists who made erotically charged work —  Eva Hesse and Hannah Wilke. An excerpt says:

“One of the most intriguing questions this show poses, along with the current exhibit of Joan Semmel’s nude self-portraits at Alexander Gray and the ongoing Alice Neel retrospective at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, is what constitutes erotic art as perceived by the female — as opposed to the infamous and haplessly objectifying male — gaze. (Wilke referred to the female gaze as a ‘sparkle.’) To be sure, both Semmel’s nudes, bathed in shafts of color and possessed of a kind of ungrandiose majesty, and Neel’s cleareyed yet loving portraits of pregnant women, which depict enlarged breasts and nipples as well as distended bellies, could only have been painted by women. But once one has said that, what else is one saying?”


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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