The Feast of Saint Melchizedek

Saint Melchizedek from a mosaic

Saint Melchizedek from a mosaicSaturday, August 8, was the Feast of Saint Melchizedek. According to the Invisible Basilica, “The name Melchizedek (qdc_iklm) can be translated as ‘Righteous King’ or ‘My King is Justice.’ Melchizedek was the ‘king of Salem,’ and ‘Salem’ was probably Uru-Salim, an old name of Jerusalem, whose king during the Israelite invasion of Canaan had the strikingly similar name of Adonizedek. As the priest of Abraham, Melchizedek can be considered the progenitor of the Abrahamic religions– Judaism, Christianity, Islam and their derivatives. Based in Genesis 14:18, he is sometimes credited with having substituted the sacrifice of bread and wine for that of animals. Many sacerdotal lineages, including the Roman Catholic, Mormon and Masonic Royal Arch, are traced in legend to Melchizedek.”

In his honor, try these recipes with a glass or two of wine!


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