Father of Witches, Lord of the Crossroads

Destiny Books has announced the release of Song of the Dark Man Father of Witches, Lord of the Crossroads by Darragh Mason. The publisher’s description says:

From the fortean phantoms that terrorized Victorian England to the haunted crossroads of the Irish hinterlands, the Devil—also known as the Dark Man—has found countless novel ways to influence culture and bring us face to face with our fears. Tracing this enigmatic entity through the centuries via mythology, folklore, occult writings, and modern accounts, Darragh Mason shows how the Dark Man is more than just a myth: he is a real presence in our world.

Drawing on Irish manuscripts dating back to the 12th century, testimony from 17th-century Scottish witches, his own experiences, and interviews with contemporary witches and mystics, Mason builds the case for the pattern of the Dark Man phenomenon, showing what his presence can mean, what it’s like for those who experience him, and how his appearance serves as a calling to the path of witchcraft. In doing so, Mason challenges conventional understandings of the Dark Man as an evil presence, emphasizing his role in questioning authority and liberating individuals from the confines of strict social convention. He shows how the Dark Man’s presence serves as a potent illustrator of the battles between light and dark.

But, Mason emphasizes, these stories of the Dark Man are not necessarily just folktales. Sharing a series of interviews with contemporary figures, including Orion Foxwood and Peter Grey, who speak of the nature of this spirit and their experiences with him, the author illustrates how encounters with the Dark Man can challenge you to make changes—often painful ones—and how if you meet his challenges, you may be bestowed with mystical gifts and initiated into witchcraft. Ultimately, Mason shows how the Dark Man may be a liberating figure: if one faces him and moves beyond the fear, he can open the door to a richer, more fulfilling, and more magical life.

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