Famous Scientists With Occult Interests

This is a cute listicle from GaiaInc about renowned (or notorious!) scientific minds who also had lively interests in the occult. Of course Jack Parsons’ is on the list but also some surprises! And as a special bonus – video footage of Richard Kaczynski!

The initial tease states:

“The famous scientists of history are often thought of as strict ideologues with personalities as empirical as their scientific methods, and there are plenty of those, indeed. But there were also a number of brilliant minds with major contributions to humanity whose beliefs in paranormal and metaphysical sciences will go down in the annals of occult history.

“Was it their interest in magic and mysticism that drove their brilliance and subsequent discoveries? For some the answer is a definitive yes, despite being shunned for their peculiar ideas. And sometimes that ridicule discouraged pursuit of the esoteric, but often they maintained their convictions, sometimes exhaustively.”

Read the whole schmeggege here:


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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