The Face of Pleasure

Scrollwork from British Library Website

After his successful first photo project in which he captured people before and after drinking one, two and three glasses of wine, artist Marcos Alberti is back with a new photo series. This one, The Independent tells us, “…done in tandem with well-being brand Smile Makers is intended to break down the barriers of female sexuality, by presenting the often taboo topic of masturbation by women.”

Alberti photographed twenty women four times each while they used a personal massager. The women were from various cultures, both liberal and conservative.  The images are fairly modest, taken only from the waist up, but they show myriad faces of passion.

Commenting on the project, Fan Yang, the global brand manager of Smile Makers says: “Female sexuality is more often shrouded in shame and secrecy. Our partnership with Marcos allowed us to create this series to upend that social stigma around female sexuality, and encourage the normalisation of female pleasure.”

This photographer captured women’s orgasm faces to talk about sexuality.

Marcos Alberti Photography.

Smile Makers (NSFW).


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