Beyoncé Accused of “Extreme Witchcraft”

TheBlast has posted a news story noting that a musician who’d apparently worked with Beyoncé is accusing her using occult arts to persecute her. I would like to remind y’all that neither the accused nor her husband is now or ever has never been a member of O.T.O.  Honest. The posted story begins:

“A woman who once worked as a drummer for Beyoncé claims the singer is wrapped up in the practices of ‘extreme witchcraft’ and has been using her spells to run surveillance and control her finances, and now she wants a restraining order against Bey.

“According to very bizarre court documents obtained by The Blast, Kimberly Thompson says she used to work for Beyoncé: ‘I worked for her as her drummer for her band for 7 years.’”

Read the whole schmeggegee here:

And Pitchfork posted a story about TheBlast story, so it MUST be true!



Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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