Europe’s fourth ancestral ‘tribe’ uncovered

Geneticists have detected a fourth ancestral “tribe” which contributed to the modern European gene pool.  Research shows Europeans are a mixture of three major ancestral populations – indigenous hunters, Middle Eastern farmers and a population that arrived from the east in the Bronze Age.  DNA from ancient remains in the Caucasus has now revealed a fourth population that fed into the mix.  Details are published in Nature Communications.


Ixel Balamke

Ixel Balamke was one of the two founding members of Sekhet-Bast-Ra in Oklahoma City. Currently living in the Twin Cities, she is currently the LBM of Leaping Laughter Lodge. She also is a Meanad and lover of fine wines. Her life long partner Hunahpu and she are well known for their Wine Tastings at NOTOCON. Together they have a small wine cellar that currently holds over 300 bottles.

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