Essay on the poetry of Aleister Crowley

Here’s am excerpt from a tasty essay on the poetry of Aleister Crowley by one Heather Schubert.

“When I read many of Aleister Crowley’s poems I find myself submerged into decadent tales full of rich scents, sounds and tastes so descriptive they brutally assault my senses. “The Eyes of The Pharaoh” takes me deep into an ancient pyramid. I go from standing in a tomb, to a temple and back again. I can smell the acrid scent of death wafting through the musty halls and taste dry dust in my mouth. Crowley’s ability to inspire the reader’s imagination is notable. When it comes to being disgustingly descriptive in some of his more vile pieces he certainly possesses a unique gift.”

Read the whole essay here:

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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