Enjoy Frozen Yogurt Day

Varieties of frozen yogurt

February 6 is Frozen Yogurt Day! H.P. Hood first developed frozen yogurt in 1970 as a soft-serve treat called Frogurt. Soon other companies followed with their own products, including Humphrey’s and Dannon. Because it was considered a “health food,” at least compared to ice cream, frozen yogurt’s popularity grew in the 80s. Today, you can buy myriad varieties of frozen yogurt at your local grocery store.

Some local TCBY locations are giving away a free six ounce frozen yogurt to celebrate today, limit one per customer. Find the closest location to you.

From 4:00pm until 7:00pm today, Yogurtland is offering a free five ounce cup of yogurt or ice cream with as many toppings as you want.

16 Handles is offering six ounces of free frozen yogurt as well!

Plus there’s some good news — in Cincinnati, WCPO reports that eating yogurt may help to reduce cold symptoms.

Check your local eatery to see whether they are offering a deal for Frozen Yogurt Day.

Want to make your own? Try one of these fun recipes:


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