End of Life and Funerary Practices of Modern Pagans

Do I Have to Wear Black? is a new book by Mortellus that investigates the end of life and funerary customs of contemporary Pagan communities. The publisher’s description says:

“Explore the myriad of customs that have emerged around death and dying in the magical and Pagan communities. Filled with rituals, meditations, legal considerations, and deep insights into death as a spiritual process, this book can be used by magical practitioners or shared with non-Pagan professionals who support Pagans in their final transitions.

“Within these pages, you will discover more than fifty rituals for funerals, memorials, and remembrances as well as meditations for mourning and letting go. Each chapter shares the beliefs and specific rituals of a distinct tradition, including British Traditional Wicca, Discordianism, Eclectic Wicca, Heathenry, Hellenic Reconstructionism, Kemetism, Neo-Druidry, and Thelema. With contributions from ten practitioners, Do I Have to Wear Black? delivers a multitude of magical rites and detailed explanations in one convenient practical manual.”

purchase your copy… before it’s too late! https://www.llewellyn.com/product.php?ean=9780738765402#navbars.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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