Encounter With Eco-feminist Media-artist Activist, Monet Clark 

THE TUNING FORK with Monet Clark
New York, NY; Union Square, NY
“We request your engagement on Tues. Oct 27th at 4pm EST in an encounter with the notorious eco-feminist performance based media-artist activist, Monet Clark on THE TUNING FORK
“Eco-feminist and performance based media artist, Monet Clark’s elaborate and wryly humorous characters are inspired by subculture, pop culture, superheroes, marginalized groups and history. Her multiple performative and campy personalities address sexual stereotypes, objectification, taboo, ritual and the sentient aspects of nature. Currently her works explore the interface between cultural bias, misogyny and climate change.
“Clark received her BFA from San Francisco Art Institute, in 1993. She studied Performance and Media Art at SFAI from 1992-1995 and exhibited internationally. During this time, she was struck with a confining and crippling auto-immune disease, but continued to make her art during and about the illness.
“Her current cultural activism and practice is rooted in the Californian back-to-nature sub-culture in which she was raised and the rigorous training in holistic, spiritual and natural healing disciplines that informed her path to recovery.
“Clark is currently curating INVOCATION DEMOCRACY, a virtual/controversial exhibition running from Oct. 30th, 2020 through Inauguration Day, Jan 20, 2021 for Pro Arts Commons.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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