Employ Spirits for Tasks They’re Suited To

Here’s a post from Jason Miller’s Strategic Sorcery blog:

I keep encountering students that want to work with the Darkest and most Wrathful Spirits they can find, and put them to work on NICE things.

A group of spirits that curse a victim with loss? “Hey maybe I can get them to steal my addiction away!”

A demon known for wasting a victim slowly away? “What if I call on him to make me lose weight?!”

A siren who lures and coerces a target to do something they may not want to do? “Can I call on her to bring me true love?

Stop! Please Stop!

It’s not that these spirits are evil. They aren’t evil. They serve a purpose and to that end they can be said to be good. Cursing a murderer can be considered good. Coercive influence in a law suit can be good. Stealing away the wealth of someone who causes harm with it can be good. All these things and a thousand others can be said to be good, but they are not nice.

Good is not the same as Nice.

I think some people perceive dark and wrathful spirits as more powerful. This is not correct and its a perception that often leads to disaster. A bazooka is more powerful than a fly swatter, but you don’t want to use a bazooka to swat flies in your house.

What these folks are doing is the magical equivalent of the Stones hiring the Hell’s Angels as security for a concert.

Check in with his blog on a regular basis: https://strategicsorcery.net/stop-trying-to-make-dark-spirits-nice/

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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