EMMA KUNTZ Drawings @ The Serpentine Gallery

Emma Kunz, Work No. 003, Photo: © Emma Kunz Zentrum.



 The Serpentine Gallery continues its fascination with Esoteric Art, having in recent years seen exhibitions of Hilma af Klint, now featuring the Art of one of my favourite esoteric artists historically Emma Kunz. BWH


“We’re in a climate where art is much more porous and people are embracing work that has been written off by the history books,” Blanchflower says. “There’s an increasing appetite for different forms of meditative practice and work that makes us ponder the equilibrium of the cosmos.”

Emma Kunz and the art of healing: drawings used in rituals come to London

Serpentine Gallery presents the first UK exhibition of the mystical Swiss artist’s geometric drawings

The Swiss spiritualist Emma Kunz, who was known in her lifetime as a telepathic healer and created drawings by consulting a pendulum, is the subject of a major new exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery that aims to introduce her enigmatic art and life to a wider audience. The exhibition includes around 65 of her mandala-like, geometric drawings, which were selected by the curator Melissa Blanchflower and the Greek artist Christodoulos Panayiotou.

In the past, Kunz’s drawings have been shown alongside artists such as the Swedish occultist Hilma af Klint and the US painter Agnes Martin, artists that “shared an interest in exploring abstract forms in nature and looked at nature through a micro and macro lens”, Blanchflower says. But unlike these artists, Kunz was self-taught and never intended her work to be shown in a fine arts context.



Emma Kunz, Work No. 013, Photo: © Emma Kunz Zentrum


see article here : Emma Kunz and the art of healing: drawings used in rituals come to London

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