Further Feasting for St. Elias Ashmole

English custard

English custardToday we continue our celebration of Elias Ashmole with further recipes for a Bill of Fare from his time.

A Bill of Fare for May.

  1. Scotch Pottage or Skink.
  2. Scotch collops of mutton
  3. A Loin of Veal.
  4. An oline, or a Pallat pye.
  5. Three Capons, 1 larded.
  6. Custards.

To bake Turkey, Chicken, Pea-Chicken, Pheasant-Pouts, Heath Pouts, Caponets, or Partridge for to be eaten cold.

Take a turkey-chicken, bone it, and lard it with pretty big lard, a pound and half will serve, then season it with an ounce of pepper, an ounce of nutmegs, and two ounces of salt, lay some butter in the bottom of the pye, then lay on the fowl, and put in it six or eight whole cloves, then put on all the seasoning with good store of butter, close it up, and baste it over with eggs, bake it, and being baked fill it up with clarified butter.

Thus you may bake them for to be eaten hot, giving them but half the seasoning, and liquor it with gravy and juyce of orange.

Bake this pye in fine paste [crust]; for more variety you may make a stuffing for it as followeth; mince some beef-suet and a little veal very fine, some sweet herbs, grated nutmeg, pepper, salt, two or three raw yolks of eggs, some boil’d skirrets or pieces of artichocks, grapes, or gooseberries, &c.

For the paste of this dish, take three quarts of flour, and three quarters of a pound of butter, boil the butter in fair water, and make up the paste hot and quick.

To make Custards divers ways.

Take to a quart cream, ten eggs, half a pound of sugar, half a quarter of an ounce of mace, half as much ginger beaten very fine, and a spoonful of salt, strain them through a strainer; and the forms being finely dried in the oven, fill them full on an even hearth, and bake them fair and white, draw them and dish them on a dish and plate; then strow on them biskets red and white, stick muskedines [grapes] red and white, and scrape thereon double refined sugar.

Make the paste for these custards of a pottle of fine flour, make it up with boiling liquor, and make it up stiff.

Recipes from The Accomplisht Cook.


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