Eleusyve Productions Mount IndieGoGo Campaign For Production of Crowley’s Rite of Saturn

Seattle’s Eleusyve Productions are currently running an IndieGoGo campaign to stage a production of “The Rite of Saturn,” one of Aleister Crowley’s Rites of Eleusis. They have been producing these multi media plays for a number of years and “Saturn” will complete the cycle. Their IndieGoGo page says:

“We’re Eleusyve Productions, and we have been independently staging Aleister Crowley’s initiatory Rites of Eleusis, a set of 7 Edwardian era invocations of the classical planets. Since 2001, we’ve been adapting these occult plays into full-blown rock operas, with all original music, aimed at a contemporary audience. And now, we’re welcoming you all to join us as we present our final installment, The Rite of Saturn.

“So far, we’ve staged and performed six out of a cycle of seven rites.  The final play, Saturn, is the capstone to the project we started sixteen years ago.

“Some of you have seen many of our Rites, and some of you are approaching these plays for the first time. If you’re new, Welcome!- And you’re in luck: while we’ve been working our way through the series, Saturn represents the beginning of the cycle, where it all originates.

“If you’re familiar with our work, and have been experiencing the series with us, then you understand what an achievement this is going to be! That’s why we’re inviting you to help make this finale great.

“If you’ve seen our production of Jupiter, you are familiar with the custom carousel we built. It took about 180 hours to construct and cost roughly $4000.

“We’d like to rework it to create Saturn’s feature structure, the Outpost on the Frontier of the Abyss .

“As you can see from this model, the plan is to turn it into a rotating cathedral that can be assembled on-stage.

“The soundtrack is 80% complete, and will be available as a perk for donors this spring and for general release this summer.

“These Rites are much bigger than just us and our adaptations.  It takes much more than DVDs; Worldwide Distribution; Soundtracks; IT TAKES YOU. YOU as Patrons, you as promoters, you as the type of people who support art, and who recognize the value of the creative process. What we’re asking for is you to help us bring Saturn to life.

“What we need is money, and we are offering a number of swell and outlandish perks to our patrons!
“The dates for the theater are set for September 2018, now we need to start creating. We appreciate your support.


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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