EGC Institutes New Clerical Status of Deacon-Sacerdote in the U.S.

In his keynote address at NOTOCON XII, the Grand Master Sabazius announced a new clerical status in Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica, the Deacon-Sacerdote. See his blog post on the topic for details:

“With the approval of the Frater Superior, I am making a few modifications to the U.S. E.G.C. Manual, one of which establishes a new clerical office, that of Deacon-Sacerdote.

“If you are an ordained Deacon in E.G.C., when you take the K.E.W. initiation in M.M.M., you may, as always, choose to pursue service within E.G.C. as a Priest or Priestess.  However, henceforth, should you decide, for whatever reason, not to pursue either of those two paths, a third path will be open to you: that of Deacon-Sacerdote, with the same clerical status and sacerdotal powers of an E.G.C. Priest or Priestess.  This includes the ability to perform baptisms, confirmations, and weddings under the supervision of an E.G.C. bishop.

“Ritual roles in the Gnostic Mass will not be affected by this change. A revised version of the E.G.C. Manual will be issued soon. Note that this change is applicable only within the U.S. at this time.

“Ordained deacons will not be required to take an additional ordination ceremony to become a Deacon-Sacerdote, just the K.E.W. However, the deacon’s attainment of sacerdotal powers may be ceremonially announced to the local community, and should be reported to the Ecclesiastical Secretary.”

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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