Dublin’s Gallery X Hosting Exhibit of Esoteric Art

Ireland’s Hot Press posted a preview regarding a new exhibition of esotheric art opening in Dublin. To wit:

“An Exhibition of vibrant, Esoteric and Arcane art opens in Gallery X in Dublin this weekend. From opening night on Friday 9 from 6pm, with English writer, actor and producer Graham Duff, it runs until September 24, and will remain open from 6 to 11pm on September 16 for Culture Night 2016…”

“It’s also the first time many legendary figures will be showcased here, such as Austin Osman Spare, Hans Bellmer, and Leonor Fini. Stemming from the same occult traditions that bred many geniuses admired today such as our own W. B. Yeats, Maya Deren, Harry Smith, Alan Moore, and many many more, this enchanting Esoteric art is an invitation to explore and reflect on the self and the world we live in – and best of all, admission is free, so there’s no excuse for not poking your nose in!”

Read the whole article here:



Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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