Drunk On The Blood of Christ

Many occultists firmly believe that Jesus of Nazareth is a purely fictional character, the invention of one Middle Eastern Mystery Cult out of a myriad, concocted from bits and pieces culled from au courant mythologies of its competitors. Which is entirely possible. At the very least if there was a historical Jesus, the Gospel and popular accounts of his deeds and lifestory were likely highly embellished. One central element in the narrative of his Passion, and one that has been a part of the ritual of some Christian sects (Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox for instance) is the Last Supper (which idol-worshiping pagans/infidels commemorated yesterday) at which he shared bread and wine with his comrades as part of the traditional Jewish Passover feast and declared it should serve as a “remembrance” of him and his ministry – in some accounts he declares is his “body” and “blood,” in others tokens of a “new covenant.”

So this begs the question – what was he pouring? Merlot, Malbec? A nice, soft Cote du Rhone? The Philadelphia Inquirer interviewed folks at the University of Pennsylvania Archaeology and Anthropology Museum who’ve previously deduced what went into the beer served at King Midas’ funeral feast as to what Jesus and his pals were quaffing – which might surprise ya.



Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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