Doreen Valientie Helped Crack Nazi Codes

The Argus recently ran an interesting piece on Phillip Heselton’s biograpy of noted Wiccan author and practicioner, Doreen Valiente, and posits that she was part of the team that cracked Nazi Germany’s cipher codes which helped turn the tide in the Allies’ favor. In part the article notes:

“She is behind the spiritual texts studied by millions of Wiccans (followers of modern witchcraft) around the world and such was her influence, Brighton and Hove City Council erected a blue plaque at her former home in Tyson Place in 2013…


“They revealed Doreen did indeed work at Bletchley as a senior assistant officer with the Foreign Office…

“Her section, based in hut 18, was tasked with intercepting messages from German agents in the UK.

“The Nazi military intelligence service, known as Abwehr, had sent men over by parachute, submarine and even through neutral countries posing as refugees.

“They based themselves across the country and fed messages back to their headquarters about everything from troop movements to defences.

“Doreen’s section, known as ISOS, cracked the Abwehr ciphers using a special version of the Enigma machine early in the war, so they managed to track down and capture many of the enemy agents.”

Read the whole thing:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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