Don’t Put a TV in the Bedroom

A couple watching TV in bed.

Want to improve your sex life? A recent study in the National Bureau of Economic Research shows that couples who have a TV in their bedroom have about 6 per cent less sex than those who don’t. Removing distractions can help improve your focus in many areas, including magick, so it seems reasonable that it would also help with sex magick.

Researchers Adrienne Lucas and Nicholas Wilson analyzed information from 4 million people across 80 countries and 5 continents, adjusting their findings for household wealth, age and education. “Our findings are consistent with people demonstrating some willingness to substitute electronic companionship for human companionship,” states Nicholas Wilson, an associate professor of economics at Reed College in Portland, Oregon.

It seems wise to restrict one’s distractions to rooms where sex magick doesn’t take place. But then, sex can happen anywhere, can’t it? So focus on what you’re doing and turn off the electronics, perhaps.

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