Does Sexting Have Implications for Magical Work?

Sexting on an iphone

A recent study in The Journal of Sex Research asks whether sexting is objectifying or liberating. Turns out it’s both!

Researchers Mario Liong and Grand H.L. Cheng surveyed 361 students in Hong Kong about their body surveillance, body shame, body control beliefs, and comfort with nudity. They learned that while the participants who sext are more comfortable with nudity than their non-sexting counterparts, they also experience greater concern about their physical attractiveness. It’s important to note that this information might not be applicable to individuals who are not Hong Kong students. It also brings up questions about how sexting might affect the work of sex magicians.

Acknowledging that the data has limitations, Liong says, “For further study, I think we should continue to think about how to reduce the objectifying effect of sexting. I hope that this study can stimulate more thoughts and discussions about the impacts of digital technology on human sexuality and how we can design our future technology to bring about empowerment of gender and sexuality.”

Are you a sex magician who also sexts? What do you think?

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