DISCIPLINE: The art of Psychic TV: 2003 – 2016 Exhibit Opens in L.A. in December 2016

This December, the Lethal Amounts Gallery in Los Angeles will be hosting “DISCIPLINE: The art of Psychic TV: 2003 – 2016” an exhibition of art created by PTV3 drummer Edley Odowd for this incarnation of Psychic TV, the band formed by Genesis Breyer P-Orridge in the wake of Throbbing Gristle’s dissolution.


Odowd is mounting an IndieGogo campaign to finance all production costs including framing, printing, shipping, installation and print media. It will also cover the costs of manufacturing and printing the catalogue among other things. The Indiegogo site includes a video presentation and lengthy interview with Edley. Here’s an excerpt:

Over the years you have been involved with so many projects, how did you get involved with Psychic TV?

Genesis’ late wife Lady Jaye was my childhood sweetheart, we grew up in New York together. One night in 1995, she called me in a flurry and told me that the person she wants to spend the rest of her life with was in a horrible accident and that she was moving to California. Eventually she moved back to her old building here in NYC, and wanted to see me.

It was summertime and we were sitting outside on the hood of her car catching up for hours. When I finally went inside my answering machine was full of messages, someone looking for Lady Jaye. “is this Edgaa? Im looking for my bunny, I want her to come home” I realized that it was Genesis. S/he continued to talk until the tape ran out, it was surreal.

I decided that I would call he/r back to let h/er know that Jaye was ok. We ended up talking on the phone for over an hour and we hit it off right away. We started hanging out, having dinner parties. Gen, Lady Jaye and I, as well as ten of our most interesting friends.

At this point Gen and I had only worked together on a handful of things, I would design posters and flyers for h/er various projects. I got involved with helping create ephemera for the Pandrogyne project, and then started designing art for PTV re-issues. At the end of Toilet boys, I started to think about how I wanted to start a new musical project. I kept saying to Gen, why don’t you keep doing Psychic TV?

There was a club night at the time called Squeezebox in NYC where all these amazing things would happen at 3am. There were drag queens performing with live rock bands, all this amazing shit. Sometimes really stellar people like Mark-Almond band or Courtney love would show up to perform, and its 3am and you’re watching these brilliant shows thinking, is this really happening right now? Gen had written some phenomenal stuff that had never been played live, and I just wanted to get Gen up there to blow some minds.

I kept asking Gen about the possibility of resurrecting PTV at the Squeezebox and s/he eventually said s/he would do it, only on the understanding that I would make it happen and she could just show up and perform. All Gen wanted to do was get up there and sing, s/he had no interest in running a label or managing the band. I think in some way Gen was trying to call my bluff, thinking I wouldn’t put the work in.

Check it out: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/discipline-the-art-of-psychic-tv-2003-2016-book-design#/

And yes, there’s lots of goodies to be had for your donation!


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