Directors of “Resolution” and “Spring” Working on Crowley biopic

Popular podcast has interviewed Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead about their next film a biopic on the Prophet Of the Lovely Star. The flick will be made from a layman’s perspective, but extremely interesting, supportive, and respectfully handled. The filmmakers appear very open and fascinated with Crowley in a good way. Moorehead recently told
Right now, we are actually going to be pitching a TV show. We’re rounding out a script about Aleister Crowley. It’s one of those names that half of the people in the world adore, and the other half have never heard of him. It’s kind of a biopic, but it’s contained. There’s kind of a narrative device that allows it to be. It’s about this transformational period in his life. It starts out with this guy with all these very progressive views, but is also kind of an addict of extremes. His libertine ideals are both his greatest strength and his biggest weakness. “
Hear the podcast here:

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