Dionysius Rogers Publishing ANOTHER new book

Fire in the Reed is a forthcoming book authored by Dionysius Rogers. He describes it thus:

“As our Past Patriarch Aleister Crowley wrote of the ecclesiastical sacraments, ‘quite low initiates can do this work.’ Nevertheless, there are many aspects and features of genuine Thelemic priesthood that will bear the consideration supplied in this book for clergy. Sections include:

Thelema, Magick, and Worship

Priesthood Is Service

Magisterial Priestcraft

Sacramental Priestcraft

Features and Formulæ of the Gnostic Mass”

Here’s a reading of “The Gun-Barrel” from The Book of Lies, and additional info about Fire in the Reed:


You’ll be able to order it amazon.com/author/dionysiusrogers  when it becomes available.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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