Different People Anthology With Influential Psychedelic Researchers, Artists, Musicians…

I was tooling around FB and noted this item on noted occulture authority Carl Abrahamsson:

“If there was ever a true genius, it was Harry Smith. His head was too heavy for him. He was all brains. They should have taken his brain out when he died. It was like possessing several libraries at the same time. Any subject, just push the button. Any question, and he’d pour out a lot of material.” – Conrad Rooks, in Different People.

Popping over to Amazon one finds the publisher’s description of the tome, published earlier this year, from whence this quote was extruded:

“Different People” is an anthology of interviews by Swedish author Carl Abrahamsson, focusing on art, life and the creative process. Included are in-depth conversations with Conrad Rooks, Malcolm McLaren, Stelarc, John Duncan, Charles Gatewood, Mark McCloud, Ralph Metzner, Peter Beard, Bill Landis, Ralph Gibson, Maja Elliott, Michael Bowen, Bob Colacello, Dian Hanson, Anton Corbijn, June Newton, Kendell Geers, Simeon Coxe III (Silver Apples), Vicki Bennett (People Like Us), and Brian Williams (Lustmord). These groundbreaking artists, writers, musicians, photographers, filmmakers, editors and psychedelic researchers have all helped shape the culture we live in. But what makes them do what they do? Which are their driving forces and their inspirations; their joys and fears?Trapart Books, 2021, 6 x 9” paperback, illustrated with photographic portraits, 292 pages.


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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