Deus Homo

Ordo Templi Orientis declares “Deus est homo,” and that deity is interior to humans’ nature. Meanwhile the New York Times Book Review addressed a book called Homo Deus by Huval Noah Harari. That’d seem to be pertinent to our agenda on some levels, eh wot? Here’s an interesting excerpt from the review:

“In the second section of the book, we witness the relentless march of Homo pre-deus toward Homo deus — from humans who worship gods into humans who become gods. Technology overtakes religion; the fear of nature transmutes into an unprecedented capacity to control nature. Harari has, for my taste, a tendency to overstate the reach of such technological ‘fixes.’ Editing every disease-linked gene in the human genome is not as easy, or as technically feasible, as Harari might wish it — in part, because many diseases, we now know, are the consequences of dozens of gene variants, and of gene-environment and gene-chance interactions. But the writing in this section is lively and enables Harari to raise the most provocative question of this book: If humans succeeded by virtue of their ‘algorithm,’ then why couldn’t another such algorithm topple us in turn?”

Read the entire review here:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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