Demonization of the Old Gods

Recently, Nick Farrell posted a letter sent to him by the now deceased Jake Stratton-Kent regarding the demonization of the old Gods. It begins:

A few years ago, I asked Jake Stratton-Kent if the old gods were corrupted by their association with the demons in the later Grimoires and if using the originals rather than their later demonised shadows was better. I am posting his answer with his family’s permission. Reading this letter, it is great to hear his voice again.

“This issue is more apparent than real. Firstly, the Grimorium Verum is a much more ‘spirit friendly’ or ‘spirit positive’ grimoire than many others. It also conjures the spirits by their superiors often as not, rather than by ‘thwarting angels’, and this precedent is paralleled elsewhere. Employ or imitate these features.

“Secondly, regarding ‘demonisation’, what is often not considered is when?, Who? and how. Once these are answered, the issue is revealed as far more apparent than real, especially in practice.”

Read the whole amazing letter:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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