OTO Cabinet member David Tibet has announced an upcoming exhibit of his artwork being mounted in the U.S. in two years.  He states:

“I am UTTERLY OVERMOON AND VERY HONOURED to announce that in March 2019 there will be a major exhibition of my artwork, along with a small selection of ephemera connected to C93 and my other projects. It is a long way ahead, but preparations have begun already. It will be held at The Begovich Gallery at the California State University, Fullerton, and is being curated by the extraordinary Jacqueline Bunge. My dear friend, the eminent Outsider Art specialist Henry Boxer, is helping me and Jacqueline with the selection of pieces.

“An extensively-illustrated catalogue will also be published, which will include essays and observations by many of my friends and collaborators.

“The Begovich Gallery has expressed interest in loaning artwork from collectors. In view of this possibility, and the fact that the catalogue may reproduce works of mine that I no longer own, I would be grateful if anyone reading this announcement who has high-resolution scans, or good quality photographs, of my artwork, would be kind enough to send me their scans or photographs. We will be happy to credit the owners of these works, if they wish.

“They can be sent for my attention at UrChariot@gmail.com. Please put DT ARTWORK in the email’s subject line.

“Jacqueline has also asked that I pass on her email, jbunge@fullerton.edu, for those who desire to contact her regarding the exhibition.

“I will also be removing much of the artwork by me that is presently for sale at DavidTibet.com in the very near future, as some of those pieces will be exhibited at The Begovich Gallery. If any are added back onto the shop at DavidTibet.com after the exhibition, the price will be multiplied 93 times!

“I will, of course, be giving out more information as I receive it.”

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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