O.T.O. Cabinet member David Tibet has announced a lot of new about various upcoming music and literary releases, to wit:

“As you will all know, my two solo albums, FERELITH & FONTELAUTUS, have been ready for some time, except that our screenprinter has been unable to access his studio to screenprint the labels. As neither he nor I know when he will be able to get in to the studio to finish this project, I have taken all the vinyl from him and it is now going to another screenprinter who will screenprint all the labels and finally finish this project off.

“My apologies for the amount of time this has taken. I hope we will finally have all the copies of both these albums next month to send off to all of those patient people who have waited so long for them. I took some photographs off the front and back covers of both the titles, which are shown in this update.

“I have been painting more in my series SWEPT AND GARNISHED (St. Luke XI:23-26; St. Matthew XII: 43-45); around another 20 or so have now been added to the shop.

“I have now a paperback copy of THERE IS A GRAVEYARD THAT DWELLS IN MAN, as well as a copy of A COLLEGE MYSTERY, the novella which accompanies the hardback edition of THERE IS A GRAVEYARD THAT DWELLS IN MAN. I have also signed all the beautiful cards that accompany the hardback/novella bundle.

“Strange Attractor and I are just waiting for the hardback of THERE IS A GRAVEYARD THAT DWELLS IN MAN which is presently being bound in Padstow. Strange Attractor will start shipping them as soon as the hardback arrives.

“Copies of the hardback/novella bundle, as well as of the paperback, are still available here.”

For more information, ordering these goodies, et cetera: https://www.davidtibet.com/.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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