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Earlier this year, Ordo Templi Orientis cabinet member, David Tibet posted a downloadable PDF pamphlet featuring a selection of his distinctive artwork. His description of this work is:

“This small PickNick Pamphlet gathers together some of my Gnostic Cartoons, Hallucinatory Prayers and Peeks Into The Pit from 2014 to 1993.

“The pieces in this book are taken from the following series of works: 1–13 from Pazūzānu; 14–16 from Chariots In The Night; 17 and 18 from TamariskDusk; 19–25 from HoneySuckle Æons; 26–31 from There Are Spirits Created For Vengeance; 32 from Dreams Of Christ And Two Thieves Ascending; 33 from I Have Seen The Gnostic Awe And All; 34–37 from I Arose As Aleph, The Speller, The Killer; 38, 40–45, 47 and 48 from Some Gnostic Cartoons; 39 and 50–52 from works commissioned by Jhonn Balance; 46 from Hallucinatory Sunrise And Sunset at the Crucifixion of Our Lord the Saviour Jesus Christ between Two Thieves; and 48 from Moon Æon Sorrounded By Christ’s Glory.

“My utter thanks and love to Ania Goszczyńska for suggesting this project, and taking so much time and care over it. My love, too, to Ossian Brown for his insight and friendship. I dedicate this book to X-Ray, incomprehensible but dearly loved for ever.”

David Tibet, Hastings, 31/I/2015


David Tibet art

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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