David Tibet and Youth Play One-off Show in London

Hypnopazuzu – a collaboration between David Tibet (Current 93) and Youth (Killing Joke), recently released their debut album and this past weekend played a one off live show at London’s Union Chapel.

Hypnopazūzu released their debut album,  Create Christ, Sailor Boy, earlier this year. David Tibet’s site sez:

“Hypnopazūzu is the duo of none other than the legendary gentlemen Youth (Killing Joke and 1008 other worlds) and David Tibet (Current 93 and 93 other worlds). They both first skipped together on Current 93’s debut album Nature Unveiled in 1983. Create Christ, Sailor Boy is their new album, and their first as Hypnopazūzu. 93 years in the making, this elaborately-packaged 3-sided LP (it will have a laser etching on Side 4) contains ten songs and brings together spheres and planets for the Ultimate Hallucinatory PickNick.”


here’s some pics from the show, taken by Bruna Amaral.


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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