David Chaim Smith’s The Eneatych Now Available

Miskatonic Books is now offering David Chaim Smith’s The Eneatych. The posted description says:

The Eneatych is the crowning jewel of the LFA series. The text contains three sections. The first offers the root practice of the system and gives complete instructions for its performance. This is a practice that conditions the mind but is established in the heart and begins the process of refining the philosopher’s stone (aspeklaria). The second provides an illustrated nine-fold set of kabbalistic themes (eneatych) through which the main points of the system can be studied and contemplated. This serves as a curriculum that can structure one’s ongoing inquiry. The third section is a discourse on mystical contemplation that gives a detailed kabbalistic analysis of each stage of the process. Many images and supporting diagrams are provided.

The Eneatych is the last volume of the Lightning Flash of Alef series. It introduces a practice that conditions the mind but is established in the heart. This is where the long road to the crystallization of the philosopher’s stone begins. The alchemical stone is neither a physical substance nor a psychological state … it is a prism through which the infinite passes and reality is seen. The heart establishes the foundation stone of the holy temple, the pivot point of the axis mundi, the center of the universe, and the point from which the original tzimtzum contracted to the sides leaving a vacated space. This is the point from which all calculation and measurement commences, where conceptuality both begins and ends. To understand this way of working this book presents 9 central Kabbalistic themes (The Eneatych) that comprise a curriculum for study and contemplation that can constitute an entire lifetime’s work.


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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