Dark Mofo and the Museum of Everything

Untitled, by Calvin and Ruby Black (1955–1972). Photograph: Mona

Then it gets strange. Going further into the house, you see a darker England – then an ominous, wider world filled with almost 1,000 pieces of art from almost 200 artists, collected from outside the mainstream.

They are artists who made work in institutions. Artists who never called themselves artists; artists with disabilities. Artists who were Japanese sous chefs then began creating work in a fog of grief. There are artists who are retired dental assistants and artists who created in obscurity, to be championed only after their deaths…….


read full article by Brigid Delaney @ The Guardian

As if the Museum of Everything wasn’t enough – it is barely the cherry on top : check out the most amazing Mid Winter Festival in the World DARK MOFO check out the line up below. If you ever wanted to come to Australia and visit you should make this part of your plans and make the trip to Tasmania. BWH


Mogwai* (Scotland)
Einstürzende Neubauten*
Ulver* (Norway)
Ulver + TSO: Messe IX-VI.X* (Norway/Tasmania)
Chris Levine* (GBR)
Hermann Nitsch* (Austria)
Mike Parr
Sound of Silence: Alfredo Jaar* (USA/Chile)
Welcome Stranger
Dark Mofo and City of Hobart Winter Feast
Dark Park
Siren Song: Byron J Scullin + Supple Fox
Red Bull Music Academy: Transliminal
+ Unconscious Collective
+ Danielle Picciotto + Alexander Hacke
+ Miles Brown
Ancient Rain
+ Paul Kelly
+ Camille O’Sullivan (Ireland/UK)
+ Feargal Murray (Scotland/UK)
Hymns to the Dead
+ Taake (Norway)
+ Anaal Nathrakh* (UK)
+ Barshasketh (New Zealand/Scotland)
+ Grave Miasma (UK)
+ Mournful Congregation
Buried Country
A.B. Original
Thelma Plum
Sleeping Beauty
+ Victorian Opera + TSO
The Museum of Everything
+ Mona
Sophie Hutchings
+ The Purging
+ The Burning
+ Alessandro Cortini (Italy)
+ Klara Lewis (Sweden)
+ Grouper (USA)
+ Lawrence English
Xiu Xiu plays the Music of Twin Peaks (USA)
The Second Woman: Nat Randall
Radio Gothic
The Dark Chorus: Lucy Guerin Inc
Luke Howard + Tilman Robinson
Dark Mofo Films
Silence: Strings of the TSO
Nude Solstice Swim

see what all the fuss is about here @ DARK MOFO

Fuxi 2006, FUX II 2002, Monkey Queen 2002
Guo Fengyi, Courtesy of The Museum of Everything

Untitled, c. 1990, André Robillard
Courtesy of The Museum of Everything

Untitled, 1966, Carlo Zinelli
Courtesy of The Museum of Everything


Der Agami. Psophia crepitans. 1877 Aloys Zötl Courtesy of The Museum of Everything

Untitled (Friday disasters), 2007, George Widener
Courtesy of The Museum of Everything

Each room begets the next’: inside the Museum of Everything, at Mona Photograph: Mona

c. 1927
Augustin Lesage
Courtesy of The Museum of Everything

Barry William Hale

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