Daona Releases Album Influenced by A.O. Spare, Grant etc.

The Secret Assembly is an album released by the English duo Daona. Many of the tracks contain pronounced occult themes influenced by notable esotericists including Austin Osman Spare, Kenneth Grant, Georges Bataille and Stephen Flowers.
Their bio states:

“Daona is a duo formed one sunny Sunday morning in 2012 on the beach in Brighton, England. Since then, they have performed and recorded periodically, the most recent fruit of the latter being the new album ‘The Secret Assembly’. The album’s sixteen experimental tracks are a deliberate mixture of genres, from avant-rock and electronica to modern composition and musique concrète. As well as the central duo, the music includes contributions from some other great musicians that the band respect highly: Edgar Breau of Canada’s illustrious proto-punks Simply Saucer, Gary Spain from San Francisco’s legendary Chrome and saxophone pioneer and innovator Evan Parker.”

Give a listen to the track “Angel”: https://soundcloud.com/daona/angel.





Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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