Daish Members Behead Two Women for Sorcery

The Independent reports:

“Two women have become the first to be beheaded by Isis after being accused of witchcraft, sorcery and working with elves by the Islamic extremist group, according to reports emerging from eastern Syria.”

read their story here:


Meanwhile the Daily Mail expands on this report noting that street magicians performing simple sleight of hand have likewise been executed for “black magic” because it’s “questioning the existence of Allah.”

In addition, women accused of adultery have been formally stoned to death, it is reported .


So these folks summarily execute magicians and people who have pre or extramarital sex? Don’t sound especially Thelema-friendly to me.

dead Arab magician

This is a photo of a murdered “magician” alongside the tools of his nefarious trade. I’m dumbfounded.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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