Daily Beast Review of Strange Angel

OK! OK! I KNOW we’ve been devoting ALOT of posts to this Strange Angel jawn — but when’s the last time a national television network (well, at least it’s paid streaming service) has devoted a SERIES to a known Thelemite! Up to now there’ve been some reviews in industry publications but this appears to be the first in consumer-oriented media. The series debuts TODAY.

The Daily Beast (uh heh, heh, heh!) review begins:

“’A harebrained idea fit only for Hollywood films,’ is how esteemed Caltech Professor Filip Mešulam (Rade Šerbedžija) describes Jack Parsons’ (Jack Reynor) desire to build a rocket capable of taking a man to the moon in episode two of Strange Angel, CBS All Access’ new series premiering this Thursday (June 14). It’s a description that might also apply to the life of Parsons himself, were he not a real genius who, in the ’30s, was responsible for numerous breakthroughs in the nascent field of “rocket science” while simultaneously dabbling in Thelemite occultism alongside his mentor and friend, Aleister Crowley. His is a story marked by groundbreaking research and out-there cultish beliefs and behavior, and in the hands of showrunner Mark Heyman (Black Swan) and director David Lowery (A Ghost Story), it proves an intriguing case study in ambition, experimentation, and self-actualization through sex magick.


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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