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Two of the current titles on offer from the U.K.’s Hell Fire Club Books are beautifully produced and bound by hand editions of Aleister Crowley’s Little Essays Toward Truth and GENESIS OF THE BOOK OF THE LAW: The Complete Texts by David Allen Hulse.

Little Essays Toward Truth is an A.˙.A.˙.  PUBLICATION IN CLASS B. Imprimatur: O.S.V. 6=5 Imperator.

It’s available in a Limited edition of 22 copies bound in vellum and 220 copies bound in pearl kidskin with ivory cloth.

All sixteen essays introduced with notes and a glossary by Frater V.V.V. Printed in colour onto fine English Laid paper.

This present volume follows closely the format of the first edition with the following exceptions:

1) The editors have updated the image of the Tree of Life so as to make it more legible but did not alter any of Crowley’s attributes.

2) Extensive footnotes have been added as the first edition included but a single footnote in the chapter on Chastity which is here clearly indicated as Crowley’s.

3) An index of key terms has been added to aid the Student in their research.

GENESIS OF THE BOOK OF THE LAW: The Complete Texts feaures
Part One: The Cairo Working (1875-1904)

Part Two: The Birth of the A∴A∴ and the O.T.O. Legacy (1905-1917)

Part Three: The Coming of the Magickal Childe (1918-1962)

Now available in a new edition single volume of 170 pages

This work is described as an intricate study of the magical events in the life of Aleister Crowley specifically leading up to the reception of The Book of the Law and its aftermath over decades.

The work is presented in a square format with wide margins, for earnest students to make their own notes in as they analyse the countless numerical and qabalistic ciphers which appear both in Crowley’s life and in their own magical work.

Limited to 93 numbered copies bound in full tan kidskin leatherwith pale ochre hemp embossed endpapers.
Each volume is wrapped in a single sheet of Egyptian papyrus and sealed with the signet ring of Ankh-af-na-Khonsu.
Each comes complete with three gold-embossed cards bearing the Kameas (magical squares created by the author) of the three phases of Revealing,stamped onto Italian mould-made paper cards.


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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