Current Owners of Boleskine House Identified

In social medium forums, questions have been raised about the new owners of Boleskine House and the Boleskine House Foundation which will be overseeing its restoration and future use. TheWildHunt recently published an extensive report about the situation and shed some light on these questions. An excerpt reads:

“In April 2019, the ruined property was put on the market once more. As we reported in July, initial rumours throughout the occult community were that the current main incarnation of the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) had bought it, but although the OTO are said to be highly supportive of this most recent development, Boleskine was bought by private individuals: Kyra and Keith Readdy, who bought Lots 1 and 3, and William Clifford-Banks, who bought Lot 2, and who are on the board of trustees belonging to the Boleskine House Foundation, described as a ‘not-for-profit group aimed at restoring and maintaining the Boleskine House estate.’”

Mr. Readdy is the author of One Truth And One Spirit, One Truth: Aleister Crowley’s  Spiritual Legacy.  So it’d appear that suspicions of the new owners’ not taking Thelemic prerogatives to heart are baseless.

Read the entire article here:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi


  1. My grandmother and father bought this house from Aleister Crawley and my mother was born in this house in 1911. I considered buying the house back from him before it was sold to Jimmy Page. I also have photos of when my grandparents and mother lived there.

    • Dear Jean
      Could you share photos of Boleskine House when you mother and grandparents lived there?

  2. I have loved this house for a long time ,I would have loved to live there really peaceful and lots of ground I really hope it opens to the public as it’s so beautiful , I really want to come and see it ❤️

  3. Boleskine House has a far darker history behind it than most people know. And they are planning to teach Chaos Magic to students, while the Large Hadron Collider is operating in multidimensional realms all the while. One of the trustees is the head of an online college called Arcaneum, which has the school of the science of magic, and the school of the science of quantum theory. These people have an agenda that may not end well…

    • feel free to provide links to credible sources that can provide data-based substantiate for these claims

      • Always rely on being led to the correct info when researching a subject. The only way to learn. It’s all out there. All part of the adventure. Harry Potter? Much better movie we’re in daily

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