Current 93’s David Tibet Undergoing Cataract Surgery

David Tibet, who has a seat on the Cabinet of Ordo Templi Orientis International sent out the following newsletter recently:

Dearest Cruel Katies and Sweet Williams אמן:It’s been a long time since I sent out one of these TinyLetters, for many reasons, some of which follow.(On my @davidtibet_current93 Instagram account I post about my and our activities much more frequently than I do with TinyLetter.)Over the last month or so, I have essentially become blind in my left eye, due to a cataract that developed with ferocious rapidity. A second cataract is now developing in my right eye.     This of course has thrown a vast and dim effect on my work, and my energy, and my physical balance. It’s taking me a couple of hours to perform simple tasks which used to take 30 minutes, and my life has suddenly become quite different.
     By the time you read this, I will be preparing to go under the EyeKnife to have surgery on my left eye. Surgery on my right eye will occur one month later. Please keep me in your Prayers, as I keep all of you in mine אמן.     The waiting list for the operation to be done by the NHS is between 6-12 months for the first eye. And then a similar wait for the second eye. This is impossible for me, due to the enormous number of projects I am working on, many of which are already far too delayed. Until I can see again, I can’t do much… and I really can’t see very well at all right now.
     So I have had to pay for these operations to be done privately—or, rather, dear friends of mine have paid for them. I will be releasing a C93 record soon, in a small art edition, and the proceeds will go towards remunerating those dear friends who helped me out so greatly by paying the medical bills on my behalf at such short notice. Bless you Thank you Dearest Friends—you know who you are!
     I have added some paintings I did, titled Bella In Flames When I Was Unwell, on my Shop on my David Tibet website.
     A Fetching Photograph of me in my EyePatch, taken at the Optical Clinic last week by Ania Goszczyńska, can be seen here.Love from David as ⲁⲛⲟⲕ ⲡⲉ אמןNOW ONTO NEWS FROM NO-ONE
Apologies for any grammatical or typographical errors in the text below; their occurrence will be due to my current eyesight difficulties.I:
As some of you know, C93 are Channelling in London and Hastings (the latter is Sold Out) this coming May. We will see all you MayQueens And MayKings soon. Appearing with us will be our dear and groovy friends and colleagues June-Alison Gibbons, and Liz Rich of Heol Fanog. I and C93 and Ania have been extensively working with both of These Majestic Women on various groovy projects—see (IV) below.II:
C93 will also be Skipping Into Scandinavia this coming Autumn—to (AlphaBetically אמן) Finland, Norway, and Sweden. More Soon on our Nordic PickNicks.III:
I am slowly but surely completing the The Long Shadow Falls and Why Can’t We All Just Walk Away? artwork and lathe-cut special editions. I am So Grim that it has taken So Long. My apologies for the delay and delays… once I have recovered from my operation/s, the rest will follow swiftly.IV:
I list below the items that will be available, in the next month or so, from my AnonNe SuperMarket at state51. Regarding the items below: All records are cut by The Bricoleur at Bladud Flies! All books are published by Cashen’s Gap, and printed by Unit 33.Tod Slaughter with C93: 2-Sided lathe-cut red vinyl 12″, with Voices by Tod Slaughter & Company, and SlaughterSongSounds by C93. This release features the music that C93 have Channelled, and which is featured on, The Criminal Acts of Tod Slaughter, the astonishing and amazing Blu-Ray BoxSet whose UK/EU version is available here. A North American edition of  the BoxSet is available here. David and C93 and Ania Goszczyńska are very involved with this release, adding an essay to the beautiful book that accompanies this release. A filmed interview with Ania and David discussing their obsession with Tod Slaughter, and their large collection of Tod memorabilia, is an extra on one of the BoxSet’s discs.June-Alison Gibbons with C93: The White Girl. Shortly after the sudden death of her beloved twin sister Jennifer, June-Alison purchased a sketchpad, and drew over 20 heartbreaking, profound portraits of Jennifer, with a small text about Jennifer at the bottom. This book reproduces all these drawings; June-Alison has also written an introduction discussing the title she gave the book, and the circumstances in which it was created. David and Ania add an Afterword. Each book is signed and numbered by the author, and is accompanied with “The Black Girl’s Blues For The White Girl” by C93 and June-Alison Gibbons, a 1-Sided lathe-cut white vinyl 7″.Liz Rich with C93: Eye Can See You. Liz’s account of the fascinating, frightening, events she experienced with her late husband Bill at Heol Fanog, “Britain’s most exorcised house”. Each book is signed and numbered by the author, and is accompanied with “Eye Can See You” by C93 and Liz Rich, a 1-Sided lathe-cut blue vinyl 7″.David Tibet / C93 One Thousand Witches: a 4-Song, 2-Sided lathe-cut white vinyl 7″. Each record comes with an original artwork by David, “One Thousand Witches”.David Tibet The Light Is Leaving Us All: the remaining copies of the signed and numbered chapbook reproducing 93 of David’s painted cabinet cards from the Sidereal Series which bear this title. This was only available at C93’s Hastings and London Channellings in May 2023V:
The following C93 vinyl album reissues are imminent, all remastered by The Bricoleur or by Andrew Liles. I am intending to reissue every C93 album on Coloured Vinyl and Picture Disc before I die. I am essentially a Child Of The Eighties—who “cower before me, & are abased”—and I must follow T’Pau’s BrightLitLight, and grasp China In My Hand.Island by C93/HÖH (Coloured Vinyl)In Menstrual Night by C93 (Picture Disc)The Light Is Leaving Us All by C93 (Picture Disc)Swastikas For Noddy by C93 (Picture Disc)Dogs Blood Rising by C93 (Picture Disc)

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