Current 93 Will Be Re-issuing ALL Their Albums in Expanded Editions

Current 93 leader David Tibet has been VERY busy of late! Not only is he in the midst of recording and releasing not one, but FIVE solo outings, he’ll be working on creating expanded editions of EVERY title in the Current 93 catalogue! He says:

I am OverMoon to announce that all my and our and your C93 albums are being reissued on House of Mythology in VERY expanded editions.

How this happened is how this happened as this: One day and night I was skipping along to one of our 3 ArchiveStorage Units with Our CATS. Our CATS then pointed me PawWise to a SHINY SHINING STAR… It was…TinkerBell!

So thus TinkerBell appeared, and with her MagicWand ILLUMINATED a MASS of GRAY/GREY shelving in our ArchiveStorageUnits. On shelves of that GRAY/GREY shelving were A HOST of MultiTrack tapes, and 1/4” masters, and ADATs, and DATs, and other formats of tapes whose names not only I, but G+D too, have forgotten.

So I called on my and our and your dear friends (AlphaBetically) José Pacheco, Lauren Winton, and Michael Lawrence. They came down and looked through the THE HOST of TAPES of WHATEVER FORMAT and took them all away. And then Michael Lawrence transferred them and ReMastered them, and Lauren Winton, his partner in Bladud Flies! photographed them all. And then they sent everything and all everything to Timothy Mark Lewis and Kristoffer Rygg of House of Mythology, and our colleague and friend Jake Gill of Mythology. They all were all, may I say, all as all OverMoon as I was and we were. They and I then sent the final remastered files to Lovely José Pacheco, who is our final authority on what we release, and in what form, and José kindly agreed to be the consultant curator on this project. José knows more about C93 than I do. I only listen to GlamRock and PlainChant and ProgRock.

There was soSoSO much unreleased material, much of which I had completely forgotten we had created. We are still going through the tapes but, for example, I had forgotten that there were at least another 10 or so alternate versions of “NiemandsWasser”, from SLEEP HAS HIS HOUSE—all of which are utterly and completely different to the versions that were released. I had forgotten, too, that there was an acoustic version—the first version!—of the song of and in and as C93’s collaboration with Thomas Ligotti, I HAVE A SPECIAL PLAN FOR THIS WORLD.

We will be releasing EveryThing.

The first two releases, on expanded 2LP and 2CD sets, will be HORSEY and SLEEP HAS HIS HOUSE. They will be released in Spring 2020, along with an expanded edition of I HAVE A SPECIAL PLAN FOR THIS WORLD, including all the versions we recorded of the song, as well as other material, and a 12″-only vinyl edition with some—or all—of the 10 versions of “NiemandsWasser” which I mentioned above.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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