Current 93 Playing London May 24, ’24

David Tibet, a member of the Ordo Templi Orientis cabinet has made the following announcement:

CURRENT 93 are OverMoon to Tittle-Tattle about her first London Channelling of 2024 at the Astonishingly Beautiful Union Chapel on FRIDAY 24 MAY.
    Following March 2023’s ImmediatelySoldOut Channelling at the same CHAPEL, C93 return, Swept and Garnished, with Families and Familiars, including the legendary June-Alison Gibbons, and Liz Rich, of Heol Fanog, the “HellFire Farm”.
    June-Alison joined with C93 last year in her first-ever live appearance, performing her The Pepsi-Cola Addict with C93. She has continued to work with David and C93, on many different projects, and will be Channelling some of her new work with C93 at the CHAPEL.
    Also skipping in to the CHAPEL with the C93 Family will be Liz Rich, whose time living in Haunted Heol Fanog, “Britain’s most-exorcised house”, forms the CentrePoint of new recordings by her and C93.
    C93 will also be Singing Some Surprises, UnHeard, UnSeen—You Know What She Means.
    Now that’s what we call PIXIETIME!

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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